Even if I’m only in this band for a month I’M IN A BAND. ITS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED. BE IN A BAND. I DONT CARE WHAT WE PLAY. I’M IN A BAND.


And in four weeks we perform and then we all swap around into different bands. We’re doing NZ music this month and next time will be blues which I’m really looking forward to!

Had my first band practice today, it was fun and went fairly well considering I only heard two of the songs we’re doing last night and we only got put into our band 24 hours ago. I’m on rhythm guitar as I hoped. I’m the Stone of the band. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!

I thought I was in Auckland not Antarctica GOD ITS COLD. I’m probably a wimp but omg its freezing

I started MAINZ today and got my timetable and our first guest musician speaker is from the band that got me into playing music when I was twelve. How weird is that. I was so obsessed with them and I met them a couple of times, I hope he doesn’t remember how crazy I was. OH GOD.

itschloes said: I start my course tomorrow and I’m feeling a bit nervous too. But your right, you’ll be fine :)

Oh thats right! You’ll be fine too ;) Have a good first day!!!

Them crooked vultures sounds AMAZING on vinyl ahh

Starting my course tomorrow, its orientation week. Bit nervous. Ugh. I’ll be fine


Brody Dalle performs at Festival D’ete De Quebec on July 10, 2014 in Quebec City, Canada

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Happy bdya Stone!

Stoney pony

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Happy birthday, Stone!

Happy Birthday Steno

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I also got Them Crooked Vultures on Vinyl today. Pretty damn excited about that. I couldn’t pick between buying a Foo vinyl or a QOTSA vinyl, so the obvious solution was to get TCV. Yeah.

So yes I went to Real Groovy records today (My favourite shop ever), I wore my PJ Lightning Bolt shirt because its Stone’s birthday and also cause I was wearing it when I met Mike at the same shop.

AND I go in there and in the Pearl Jam section there’s 25 bootlegs. Which is crazy, they’re pretty hard to get in NZ so I was like, OMG I NEED ONE. Heaps of them were from the 2000 tour and I’ve already got a bunch from that so I narrowed it down to the newer ones and ended up going with Amsterdam 2012 night two. Because its amazing. So yeah, I celebrated Stone’s birthday by doing that.

@raiseyourfistandyell said: Real Groovy is where like all of my money goes.

Yess me too haha!